The Kemuri Team

To achieve our goals of making smart but unintrusive monitoring a reality we've assembled a great team.

  • Leonard Anderson

    Leonard CEO

    Leonard is a highly experienced programme manager with experience at Shell, Ford and Newcastle City Council - As well as five start-ups.

  • Russ Anderson

    Russ CTO

    Russ has been involved in rapid development of dozens of new products in labs teams for, Travelocity and the Yellow Pages

  • Stephen Colony

    Stephen COO

    An ex-KPMG consultant, Stephen has also had extensive experience in the telecare market installing solutions for Tunstall

  • David Widdup

    David Chief Engineer

    David has a deep and broad experience developing products at companies like 3COM and IMA

  • Lawrence Archard

    Lawrence Hardware

    Lawrence has been building IoT devices since before it was a buzzword, most recently designing the BBC micro:bit that will be distributed to 1 million year-7 children

  • Geoff Hughes

    Geoff Firmware

    Geoff has had tremendous experience working with power systems, from Thorn EMI to the CEGB

  • Mike Anderson

    Mike Data Analysis

    Ex-McKinsey, Mike has founded his own data analytics firm Nuroko that utilises some of the most advanced machine learning techniques available.

Non-Executive Directors

  • Merlin Hay, Earl of Erroll

    Merlin Hay, Earl of Erroll

    Lord Erroll has been an independent crossbench peer in the House of Lords since 1978. He specialises in ICT thought leadership, internet identity, privacy and security issues, risk and big data at a commercial, legislative and government level.

  • Mark Dugdale

    Mark Dugdale

    Mark has over 30 years’ experience in the publishing and retailing sectors and is a pioneer in multi-channel retailing. He has board experience with UK-listed companies including Flying Brands, Arcadia Group and Innovations Group.