Kemuri was founded with a vision of helping older people to live independently by daily unobtrusive monitoring without changing their daily routines

The original idea was to “replace the smoking chimney”. In streets of houses, before the days of gas central heating, every morning, every household would light a fire to heat water, warm the kitchen and cook breakfast. Every house had plume of smoke from the chimney. By that signal alone, neighbours would know that somebody living alone was well and able to manage activities of daily living. Kemuri is a Japanese word for 'smoke'.

When a house did not produce smoke in the morning, then a neighbour would knock on the door and check whether person inside needed some help.

Terraced houses

Kemuri allows people outside the house to know that a person inside the house is moving around, drinking, eating and keeping warm. Kemuri checks every hour and gives peace of mind all throughout the day, without intruding in any way. Kemuri brings the smoking chimney into the digital age.